mak suruh anak angkat kain

 mak die nak g kenduri
 dlm kete tu cm risau la, anak aku ni angkat ke tak
 nak hujan ni
 pastu lepas mak die balik
 mak die g check
 oh dh angkat
 then masuk bilik
 mak die tercari2, mana kain yg angkat td
 bukak almari, tgk eh dh siap lipat sume dah
 mak pun happy sekali!
 so kaitkan kan lah ngan ibadah sunat
 mak die suruh angkat kain je
 tp anak buat semua
 mcm tu jugak lah kite
 Tuhan suruh kite solat je
 yg wajib kan

credits to someone.

A Goodluck wish to Me and You

Goodluck in your exams! Gogo Anatomy and Histology~ Break some legs and chew some bones!

While you re doing that, i'm just gonna..well..chew some Bt. Corn and tissue culture some germplasm in a MS media T__T

Number One

sometimes, i wondered, why cant i ______ and why did i ____. Why did i even ______ eventho i knew that ______. ( insert anything in empty spaces )


Its a red year, for now.since i only experienced 2012 for 1 hour+.
There are some stuffs that i still havent accomplished. When i said that my new year's (2012) resolutions are the last year's one, some said that it is silly of me sayin that. but the real deal is, that i cant even accomplish last year's resolutions. Therefore, i gotta complete my old target and visions before making a new one.

Iam now considered 20 (according to years). Kinda weird thinking that technically iam not a teenager anymore. But screw years, people ll believe me even if i tell them that i am 16. MY HEIGHT PWNS!


Its a green year for me. Why? lots of reasons. But only 1 that imma tell now. Lookin to this entry's title, you should know it. yeap.

I had a very great moments and times with her! my no 1. Someone who always makes me smile and laugh. When she do, she never fails to make me smile. NEVAH! I considered her, a blessing in my life. The thing is, i always made her sad. my last year's vision was not to make her sad anymore. I always failed that. Aaand that s one of the visions that i NEED to really achieve this year and keep it forever.

It s funny, coz she always reminds me of midori in the anime 'midori no hibi'. Dont ask me why.
It s weird, how we first met. twas a very awkward moment.


I called this INTEC times. Freakin fun times. twas a freakin long holiday. I got my driver license. I met her almost once a week! Yeah i know. No matter what, i will try to meet her on every weekend. I drove to INTEC ( lost for quite few times, eventho its not that far from my home -_-) to meet her even just for an hour. I met many new friends. Her friends. I was kinda surprised by her friends. They are so friendly, and seems my type of friends. Very easy to connect with. Well i guess her friends are my friends too. Anyway, 2010, a damn nice year with her :D


Green! hell yeah. PC's life. yada yada yada, exams, met very nice people, made new friends, awesome friends, met her! Had fun times with her for the whole year. Best year eva. I never stop bugging her from early 2009 until late 2009. Everytime. even sometimes in class -__-, prep times, night times. LoL.

aaand. now. its 2012. Lets hope i have the best year ever. Amin.

-Alhamdulillah, i made it to 20 years old-

Nobody Gives A Damn

yeap. Its true.

Because It Matters

"Non of it matters?Wha-what.Non of it matters?" -Mike Wazowski-

Lol it feels weird quoting words that are from cartoon movie. Still, I love it and think its brilliant. Aaaaandddd like always, my post titles dont really reflect the content of the post. I just love to make catchy titles :D

When life gives you lemon, you make lemonade. But what happens when life gives you honey aaaand lemon at the same time? You obviously make honey lemonade ( mmmm..drools), right? What am i trying to say is that, life is dull without problems. Life, itself is happiness. Its a gift. all good stuffs happening to you, its all honey baby!

Good god, i dont know why am i writing something that is so boring -_-
Even i myself feel bored reading my own blog. Ah well, that is the use of blog(to me). Write till you feel bored.

Baaaack to the main topic again, because it matters. You may be wondering what am i talking about. Im talking about anything. Everything matters in this world. From the smallest deed to the smallest sin.

Well..thats about it. Thats all i have to say. Im feeling blank. As blank as my blanket.

Anyway, last 2 November was my birthday! Happy belated birthday to meh! I love birthdays, especially my own and my significant other. Its just that i have problems memorizing my friends birth date, even my own family. Coz im such a forgetful person. So no hard feelings to all my friends if i forgot about cho birthday ;)

My mood for today = :/

This is Special

This is a special goodluck wish to Nawal Amalina Bt Muhd Asri. Goodluck in your exams! you can do it! cepat2 habis, then balik Malaysia. Goodluck goodluck goodluck! every subject pun you will do awesomely. Remember to :

1. read prayers before opening exam papers
2. Make sure your mind is in a calm state
3. You are happy+anxious, not scared+nervous
4. Be optimistic, not pessimistic
5. Make sure you have everything ready! stationary, pen and stuffs!
6. Bring a watch
7. Eat your breakfast. Or lunch, if it starts at noon
8. Study!~ haha :D
9. report to me after every exam! hihihi :D
10. Sleep early

go go go, ole ole ole :D

ps : Kelantan kalah Fa Cup. sad. haha

RAndom words from my mind


I can sleep when i am in a state of meditation,

I will sleep when i am tired,

I cant sleep when i am in doubt and sanction,

Maybe it ll be better if I sleep somewhere else other than my bed.

still cant sleep.

It glows light blue in the morning,

It gets bright white yellowish in the afternoon,

It ll be orange yellowish in the evening,

The sky is a wonder, full of beauties like the sun and the moon.


No point of being sad if no one s there to share your sadness. Therefore, dont be sad if you re alone, and dont be alone, if you re sad. sadness is like spaghetti. You share it.


Problem is like a hot fried chicken. ‘kalau tak boleh cubit sendiri, mintak lah kawan tolong cubit kan ayam panas tu’.


Relate all these random words with our life.